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About Us

Your Gateway to Premium Seaweed Delights

Who We Are

Gwangcheon Nori, premier Korean seaweed manufacturer in Europe, specializes in Sushi Nori and seasoned seaweed snacks. Established in 2020 in Lithuania by our parent company, we are the first and only Korean seaweed factory in Europe. We focus on fulfilling the need for the European market, ensuring the highest quality and freshness in our products.

Our company’s story began 40 years ago with Boryeong Fisheries, now recognized as Kwangcheon Kim, which is known for its expertise in seaweed. Those years of experience and knowledge have been passed down and now live on in our global operations. At Gwangcheon Nori we are all about clean and fresh seaweed products that are full of flavour.

The seaweed we use is picked at just the right time to ensure it is the best. It’s all about bringing a taste of the ocean to your table.

How We Do It

Our raw materials are harvested in the beautiful, clean waters off South Korea’s southern coast. Hand-selected and harvested carefully, it is transported to our European factory for final production. Here, tradition meets technology, transforming our raw materials into a variety of seaweed products that are balanced to the diverse tastes of our European customers.

What We Offer

We’ve got something for everyone! Our sushi nori comes in different types such as gold premium, gold and silver. Our Seasoned Seaweed Snacks are available in various flavours like original, wasabi, spicy, and Korean BBQ. Our Kizami Nori is another crowd-pleaser, bringing a touch of gourmet to everyday meals. It can be sprinkled over rice bowls, noodle dishes, chirashi sushi, and salads.

Partner with us to elevate your brand with our premium seaweed products customised to meet your specifications. Whether in the retail, hospitality, or food service industry, our white-label solutions could enhance your offering.

Our Commitment

At Gwangcheon Nori, our mission extends beyond mere production. We’re dedicated to enriching Europe’s culinary landscape with the finest seaweed products. Quick, fresh, and nutritious are the pillars of our service promise, ensuring that our customers enjoy the very best of what we offer.

Our Reach

Strategically headquartered in Vilnius, Lithuania, our location is no coincidence. It positions us perfectly for efficient distribution throughout Europe. Our products find their way into kitchens and dining tables across Latvia, Poland, Germany, France, Austria, the Czech Republic, and many other countries. Each package of Gwangcheon Nori seaweed is not just a product but a journey of flavours from our shores to yours.

Contact us today to discover custom B2B solutions and join us in shaping the futurw with rich flavours, quality, and innovations. Become a part of the Gwangcheon Nori family and set a new standard in culinary excellence. Our flexible ordering options accommodate various needs – there’s no requirement for full truck or container purchases. We offer pallet-based delivery for smaller orders, ensuring we meet your specific requirements.

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