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Gwangcheon Nori

We are the first and only Korean seaweed manufacturer located in Lithuania, Europe. Close cooperation with our parent company, Kwangcheon Kim, one of the biggest seaweed manufacturers in Korea, allows us to provide the freshest and tastiest seaweed products to the European market.

Private label production

We ensure that every client finds exactly what suits them the most by adjusting to their requirements and needs.
The flexible production process allows us to offer seaweed products with the personalised packaging.

You can choose among:
  • Private label
  • Transparent packaging
  • Label with your information

Delivery to the whole Europe

Now, freshly produced high quality seaweed products can be ordered on a pallet base, which allows us to deliver the products to our European consumers fast.

Located in Europe, we ensure convenient and safe delivery of our products by the road transport.

Our Products

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